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Freestanding Signs

Freestanding or pylon style school signs are simply freestanding structures that can be built in single-sided or double-sided configurations. This design is perfect for a location that requires a sleek look and great visibility. Our freestanding signs are custom-built to any height to ensure your sign is a perfect fit for your needs.

A typical freestanding or pylon school marquee sign features three main components; (1) the ID Cabinet, (2) the EMC or LED Sign, (3) the Pedestal.

(1) ID Cabinet – Identification Cabinet
An identification cabinet is typically an internally illuminated sign that contains clear polycarbonate plastic panels with a digital print showing the school name, mascot, crest or logo.  The ID Cabinet can be rectangular, curved, oval – there is virtually no limit to the amount of customization we are willing to build for our clients.

(2) EMC or LED Sign
The EMC or LED Sign portion of the school sign is the area where your messages (text, picture, video, time, temperature) display according to your programming.

(3) Pedestal
The pedestal portion of a freestanding/pylon school sign is the support structure from the ground up to the sign.  Pedestals are typically constructed from a steel frame that is wrapped with aluminum and is painted with an automotive-grade finish.   Pedestal sizes and shapes are determined not only by the client’s vision for the project but sometimes also dictated by local zoning rules or regulations for sign appearance and overall height.


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Freestanding Signs