Retrofit simply means to utilize an existing structure to attach your new sign.  Examples of structures that are often utilized would be one or more steel supports, masonry or brick columns, or even a wooden frame. All of these and more can be used as the support structure for your new sign.  A retrofit installation is a great way to keep within budget while still getting a beautiful sign for your campus. Our team is very experienced at designing a new sign to utilize an existing foundation, support, or frame.  In many cases, because you are re-using existing elements, a retrofit installation is significantly less expensive than other methods.

Retro-fit installations are not just for small signs.  Our team has utilized a support pole and frame to replace an entire 10′ tall x 36′ long digital billboard.  A key aspect of partnering with a reputable and experienced school sign provider such as Golden Rule is our depth of knowledge and professionalism.  While an average local sign company might re-use an existing structure to keep their price low and win business, Golden Rule protects you as a client by doing a comparative study to ensure that the new sign (size and weight) will not increase the load beyond what the structure was designed to hold.

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Retro-Fitted Signs