School Sign Technology

An LED school sign is a uses light-emitting diodes or LEDs to create a message via text, picture or video.  An LED sign is made up of small building blocks or modules of LEDs.  Golden Rule Signs offers both indoor and outdoor LED school sign solutions.  From an LED marquee sign out front of a school and LED scoreboards or advertising panels at the school’s athletic facilities to indoor video walls that function as scoreboards for basketball/volleyball or play a movie clip at a pep-rally, the applications and solutions are both broad and innovative.

Below are technical aspects of LED technology that would be beneficial for any prospective buyer to learn. If you have questions or comments about LED technology, contact our team and we will answer any questions and work together to design the perfect sign package for your school.

What is a Pixel?

A pixel is a cluster of 1 or more LEDs. Full-color pixels feature red, green, and blue LEDs or diodes.

What is Pitch?

The pixel-pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel, typically measured in millimeters. Golden Rule Signs offers 20mm, 16mm, 10mm, and 6mm, and 3mm LED school signs.

What is a Matrix?

An LED display’s matrix represents the number of pixels on the display measured vertically and horizontally.  A display with a pixel matrix of 64 x 192 has 64 pixels from top to bottom and 192 from left to right.  This is not representative of the physical size of the sign.

What is the Viewing Angle?

A sign’s viewing angle dictates its ability to been viewed from the extreme left and right. The content on an LED school sign with a poor viewing angle (70 degrees) will disappear sooner as you pass the sign.

LED Sign Communication & Programming

Golden Rule Sign Company offers multiple communication options for any type of school sign you choose to purchase. Consult our friendly staff to find out which method of communication will best fit the needs of your school.

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Signs by Category

Monument Signs

Monument style school signs offer a traditional look and feel which is broadly appealing. This design is great for a location under strict requirements or height restrictions. We offer standard options and can also provide custom options constructed with brick, stone, or other materials to meet your vision.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding or pylon style school signs are simply freestanding structures that can be built in single-sided or double-sided configurations. This design is perfect for a location that requires a sleek look and great visibility. Our freestanding signs are custom-built to any height to ensure your sign is a perfect fit for your needs.

Wall Mount Signs

Wall Mount school signs are a great solution if you do not have an area or the budget for a freestanding sign such as a pylon or monument. With our industry-leading 140-degree viewing angle, wall mounted school signs offer great visibility. Available in different sizes and resolutions this configuration can be a perfect fit for your school.

Retrofit Signs

Retrofit simply means utilizing an existing structure to create a new sign or appearance. This is a great way to keep within budget while still adding a beautiful sign for your campus. Our team will design the sign to utilize your existing foundation, support, or cabinet. In many cases, a retrofit installation is significantly less costly than other methods.