Our Impact Series L.E.D. sign systems are controlled and programmed via Impact Cloud, a user-friendly, secure website hosted by Amazon.  This browser-based platform works from any tablet, phone, or computer with internet access.  Desktop software is also available for customers who require local control of their sign systems.

Communication Options

We provide the most advanced yet user-friendly communication options on the market. Your new sign features an internal controller/computer which holds an IP address just like any device on a network. Check out the options below and call one of our Project Consultants to discuss which communication option makes the most sense for your sign.

Wireless Connections Overview

(1) Airbridge: Using wireless radios up to 1 mile apart, the sign connects to a Users network/internet connection or a dedicated computer.  Our 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz antennas are encrypted and password protected. An airbridge connection is most commonly used for an LED sign.  (2) Cellular Modem: For remote locations without an internet connection, we offer 4G cellular data modems.  The sign connects to the internet just like your cell phone.

Hard Wired Connections Overview

Hard wire communication is a great option for new construction, locations trenching power from the building, or installations where a data cable is already in place. Cat5/6 can not be run more than 300 feet without losing it’s signal strength – consider Fiber. All connections are standard TCP/IP.