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Pylon School Signs

Pylon school signs give schools an effective way to update parents and students on upcoming events.

Monument School Signs

Monument school signs give an elegant look to any campus, with the same abilty to keep readers up to date.

School Sign Packages

Pick out a new LED school sign. You can add to your existing pole, monument, or wall!

A Little About Golden Rule Signs

Golden Rule Signs is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic school signs and school marquees in the United States. We work with our clients to ensure they are able to make an informed decision and get the best product for their school sign needs.

All of our school signs are UL listed and undergo quality management testing before being shipped out. Our main focus is to partner with our clients on every project while providing the highest quality school signs at an affordable price.

We treat our co-workers and clients how we would like to be treated; that’s the Golden Rule.

From The School Signs Blog

Monument Style School Signs

Do you need a more conventional or traditional appearance for the outdoor sign at your school?  Golden Rule Sign Company provides personalized services in regards to design and manufacturing.  We have the production ability to create any school sign you can dream of, in fact, we can assist in dreaming up the perfect school sign!

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Recent School Sign Installation: San Antonio, TX

The installation of  a new school sign is actually a really thrilling time for most schools. Look at this image of the installation of a school sign at McCollum High School located in San Antonio Texas. There is a steel support pole. This has been installed in a concrete footer and the cover of the

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